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Spotting completely stopped

Endovan has changed my life. I was spotting practically everyday and my periods were extremely heavy. I had tried birth control pills and other medicine prescribed by doctor with no help at all and the side effects were undesirable. Since being on Endovan for about 3 months, my spotting has completely stopped and my periods are very manageable. I have stopped taking birth control and other prescriptions. As far as side effects from Endovan, my stomach was a little swollen at first, but that has disappeared. Thank you Endovan for making me feel like me again!

Carol W.

Another Endovan Baby!

I had an Essure placement in my tubes after having my daughter. It was then that I found out that I had endometriosis. I thought nothing of it because I never felt any symptoms from it. After a few months went by I started to suffer with severe symptoms from endometriosis.

The doctors I went to all said the same thing, “take birth control for the rest of your life”. I was on birth control for 3 months and it didn’t help at all. I started to look online for help and that’s when I found Endovan. I thought it was worth a try and within the first month all my symptoms had gone away. Within one month my periods went back to once a month, I stopped cramping like I was having labor pains. I stopped bleeding all over out in public.

Within 3 months I was pregnant with another child! My husband and I couldn’t be more pleased!!! I now have a two month old son named Pawl and he is my little miracle child. Endovan is God’s gift to women.

-Jami K.

I Haven’t Felt this Good in a Long Time

I have suffered with heavy bleeding due to fibroids for several years. It is normal for my menstrual period to last anywhere from eight to fourteen days. After taking Endovan for less than a month I got my period. It lasted four days. Hallelujah! It has been six months now and I haven’t been taking Endovan on a steady basis because I’ve been on and off a regimen of medication which includes aspirin for migraines. My periods still last only four days. I love it. I can’t wait to start taking Endovan on a regular basis again because now I’ve noticed that my stomach is getting smaller. Oh, and I forgot to mention another big development. As with most women with fibroids, I am anemic. I’d gotten into the habit of not taking my iron pills because they cause me to be severely constipated. Because of this I’ve suffered from the symptoms of iron deficiency such as lack of energy, brittle hair and even black spots on my tongue. Well since taking Endovan I go to the bathroom several times a day so now I’ve begun to take my iron pills again. I now have plenty of energy, healthy hair and a pink tongue again. I’m not saying it’s a miracle cure but I haven’t felt or looked so good in a long time. I’d recommend it to any woman with fibroids.


This product works wonders for me!

I began using Endovan about 2 years ago after being diagnosed with fibroid tumors. I was having problems from the fibroid(s) pressing on my bladder causing frequent urination and, at times, problems urinating… as well as bowel problems. As a health conscious woman, who practices a natural, vegan lifestyle I was shocked! Yet, fibroids and hysterectomies are a common occurence among females in my family.

Although, my symptoms were not as severe as many cases (no pain or heavy bleeding) and I had normal menstrual cycles, doctors suggested a full hysterectomy. I refused, believing that taking a holistic approach would be better. My first internet search after being diagnosed led me to Endovan. This product works wonders for me! I actually felt better and the pressure on my bladder was alleviated after only a week on the product. Symptoms continued to gradually subside and I am now FREE from fibroids! Now I am working on getting my “six pack” abs back πŸ˜‰

Thanks so much for this incredible product… IT ROCKS! I highly recommend it!!!


Gas and Constipation are Gone

I started Endovan in September. After suffering for years with excessive bleeding and pain due to fibroids. The gas symptoms and constipation is gone. I don’t feel the heaviness in my lower abdomen…It’s been 10 days… Endovan is working, I will followup with more progress…


No Pain, Less Bloating, and Lighter Bleeding

I was experiencing severe abdominal pain, heavy bleeding, and bloating. I then went to my family doctor and had x-rays done and I was referred to a specialist. He told me that i had a cyst on my left ovary and two fibroids on my uterus. He then recommended a hysterectomy. I didn’t want a hysterectomy so I did some research online and I found Endovan. I read the testimonials on your website so i decided I’d try it. After only a month of use I now have lighter bleeding, no abdominal pain, and less bloating. I’m am so thankful that i found your site it is such a blessing! I have now recommended Endovan to my sister and she loves it.

Thank God for Endovan it has changed my life!

No More Bleeding

I suffered with fibroids for over 10 years, was hospitalized twice, but would not let the doctors operate. Thank God I found Endovan and started taking it from September of 2010. I used to bleed profusely month after month and had to be placed on norethisterone, and trihemic as i became anaemic. On October 8th Endovan began to work. I am so thrilled and I want to thank you for getting it to me so soon right here on the beautiful island of Barbados.

To all you women out there, Endovan really works and I feel great and i eat everything my diet has not changed at all. This product is truly wonderful. Try it and get great results like i have. My husband and i are enjoying each other more than ever, because i no longer have to sleep in sanitary napkins night after night only when my period is on.

This is great i am so thrilled and amazed at this product.

As soon as i go back to my GP i will let you know what he had to say about my ultrasound. I know he is going to be mind boggled. but God has given you knowledge to create such a product that will indeed help women. Thank you, thank you.

May God bless you and your entire staff.
Carol, Barbados

Uterine Fibroids Shrinking

I started taking Endovan and in two weeks had a dramatic change in my menses. I used to suffer with extreme pain. Now I am able to pursue my desire for a child because the fibriods that were impeding on my uterus have begun to shrink. Thanks Endovan!

Latoya J.

People at work noticed a difference

Before taking Endovan, I experienced bloating of the mid-section, I dreaded summer, because this was the time of year when most people would shed their clothes. But, instead I was trying to cover up as much as possible. So many people would ask over and over “oh how many months are you, or when is the baby due etc”. Fortunately, I never experienced the pain that most women do. But, I was a size twelve/fourteen with a forty-two inch waist. I was very unhappy during this time in my life.

During my later age period, my cycle became so heavy I would wear two super pads for three to four days changing them every two hours to avoid leaks. I also experienced a headache for the first three to four days of my cycle because my blood pressure would go up as high as 172 over 140. At one point, I had lost so much blood that I became anemic, and had to be put on iron supplements. My cycle would last up to ten days or even more. After many disappointing visits with many doctors trying to convenience me that I did not have any other choice but to have Surgery. I began doing my own research in 2011 on natural alternatives to having surgery and removing fibroids. I found Endovan on the internet and started researching the product. I was a little skeptical because it was coming from the internet, but I decided to give it a chance. Because, from what I had read and heard from others, I believed Endovan would work for me. So, I decided to measure my waist and take a picture of what my waist looked like before in order to document my progress. I started using Endovan, and have continued to use the product, for about a year now. I have been documenting my own progress. I have also, attached a before and a after picture because I wanted to be able to prove that this product was actually working.

After the first three months, I noticed that my periods started turning back to normal. My headaches decreased and my blood pressure was not as high as before. In addition, my cycle only lasted about seven days.
By the seventh month, I had a reasonable normal cycle. I only required one super pad at a time. I only had a slight headache along with elevated blood pressure the day before my cycle started. It only lasted about five days. My energy level was great. I also noticed my waist was smaller.

On December 2011, I was talking with my sister, and she told me that there were some women how her job that notice the changes in me and wanted to know what I was doing. I told that about Endovan. I personally marked after a year and some months of my use of Endovan, that I had a completely normal cycle lasting only five days and using only one regular pad at a time. I don’t experience any headaches and my blood pressure is a lot lower during my entire cycle. I was so amazed that I decided to take another picture to update my progress. I am very satisfied with what I see


Fibroids already smaller and softer

My uterus is chock full of multiple fibroids and I’ve had long painful periods. I’ve been using Endovan for 2 weeks now and my uterus has shrunk, and the biggest fibroid feels smaller and softer, can’t wait to see future results.

Deone K.