Monthly Archives: March 2015

I feel great already!

I had myomectomy 10 years ago. Last year during a routine visit to my doctor, I was told there was another fibroid. That might have been responsible for the lower back pain, heavy periods, bloating, lower abdominal pain that I had. During my night prayer one night, I asked God for a miracle and I found Endovan online. Thanks to google! I ordered it with faith last month.

I have taken it for 10 days and the symptoms have reduced by 80%.

I’m holding my breath but could not wait to share my joy. I have not finished the first bottle and I feel so good. I can’t wait to see the end result. Thanks for making this awesome product affordable!

I will post my progress as I continue with Endovan.

Jane F.

I truly believe that the fibroids have finally gone away

I have been taking Endovan for about 1 month and a half now. I tell you I wish I knew about this years ago. I no longer have the swelling and the pain. I truly believe that the fibroids have finally gone away. I do not feel them like I used too. I cycles last about 4-5 days normal now, before then they would last from 6-7 days heavy bleeding and clots. I recommend this product to whoever is having fibroid problems.

Melissa H.

Great relief from menstrual pain, cramp, and flow

I started taking a day after my menses had started (20th February, 2015). At the administration of the very first capsule that night, I noticed I did not have the usual night cramping, waking up to change my sanitary pad countless times at night and the ‘day two’ heavy flow totally disappeared. I lived my normal live and activities that day.

In all I had an extremely reduced flow, painless period and my stomach that seemed heavy was light/normal to me. It was a great relief. Thank you for your promptness in delivery also.

I am still on the first bottle, hoping to see greater change as the days go by.