Monthly Archives: July 2008

I have canceled my surgery

pat_smallMy symptoms began to improve within a few weeks. After a month, the constant abdominal pain and pressure had eased, and I no longer had any trouble urinating. I knew my fibroids were shrinking. Needless to say, I have canceled my surgery and am very hopeful that Endovan will continue to shrink my fibroids.


My bloating has reduced tremendously

Thank you so much, this will be my 2nd bottle i have orderrf and i can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back i only been on the pills for about 3 weeks or more and i already have gone down 30 pounds and my bloating has reduced tremendously it feels good not to being ask when the baby is do because of the size of my stomatch before i start it taking the Endovan. thank you


I’ve already noticed a difference in my energy level

So far I have completed my first bottle of Endovan and have already noticed a difference in my energy level. My first period, during this bottle, had less clots. I am excited to start on my 2nd bottle and after the third plan to ask my doctor for another Ultra sound to see how much the Fibroids have shrunk.