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Light at the end of the tunnel

I am on my second week of taking Endovan and I’m starting to feel hopeful. I have stage four Endo and had surgery last year which left me with one tube and in even more debilitating pain. When my cycle is complete I usually trade in abdominal back and leg pain for extremely painful urination and kidney pain which lasts 2 weeks… leaving me with only 7 days each month with no pain. But not this month. After starting Endovan the day my cycle began I am happy to report no urination and kidney pain. I’m feeling so optimistic about finding overall relief. I was feeling so helpless and didn’t know how I was going to make it through. So far this product is amazing… I’m keeping the faith that my suffering may soon be over… Thank you Jesus for leading me to Endovan.


I hope & pray that everyone benefits with Endovan!

Hi All,

Those who are waiting and hoping that your pain will go and one day you will feel better, this post if for you! In addition to sending my review, I thought I will post everywhere else, so that my friends who are suffering from pain will benefit at the earliest.

1. I have stage IV endo and the doctor who did the laproscopy on 06/23/2014 said that they could not do anything because everything is buried inside the adhesions and I was in serious pain and bleeding almost 3/4th of the month. The symptoms have been serious for the past year and I was home and even getting through the day was difficult. I started endovan on 10/03/2014 (Oct 2014). I started with 2 pills a day. The pain was there for almost 15 days. I kept reading and hoped and was patient. This was my hope.

2. The period I had after 6 days of endovan was less painful. More flow than usual. But the mid cycle pain started after the period and bowel problems. In the mean time, my friend who is also a gynec, suggested I also take Iodoral and fish oil for reducing inflammation.. stop wheat completely.

3. I increased my endovan to 6 tablets a day. This is the max affordability I have. I ordered Iodoral. I stopped even the minimum wheat, oats and rye I was eating. I am on veggies, rice, juices, etc.

4. My second period after endovan was uneventful. No pain, no cramps, more energy.. Life is better. I was happy to have a normal period, good flow, less cramps. But mid cycle pain was there for 3 days. Then the regular brown discharge continued. But no pain. I was able to practically stand for 11 hours a day for 8 continuous days while I was helping a friend in his place as he was moving to his country and there was a lot to do to take care of his business. I was doing hard work, running, standing, and still no pain. My body is feeling lighter.

5. Oct 9, Nov 2nd and Nov 25th are the 3 continuous cycle dates. I have a 25 day cycle and that also has been maintained. So I am going to see this month between CD 10 and CD 18, how am I going to feel. I will keep you posted.

6. In the meantime, I also had a CT scan for my regular check up. There was fluid accumulation around my uterus. My doctors, prescribed me more birth control pills. My cycles and body suffers a lot of side effects and the symptoms come back more strongly after I stop the pills. So I never took the pills. I wrote to endovan support team. They replied stating that this is normal and my body is responding well to endovan. This fluid will eventually be eliminated naturally by the body is what they said, like it states in the website.

7. Now, I feel that the fluid is getting eliminated because, my abdomen is slowly feeling lighter.

8. I am happy that its working so far. I hope it will make my life normal once again and I see that I am heading there soon!

9. I also drank a veggie juice made of celery sticks, some raw ginger, raw turmeric, carrots everyday for 5 to six days.. These have anti-inflammatory properties. This also regularized my bowel system. Please listen to your body.. and save yourself from surgery after surgery. Surgery is for a life threatening emergency. Not a yearly chore.

10. I am not being paid by endovan or anyone else to write this review. Hope endovan works for you, like the way it is working for me. I will start documenting my progress and I will keep you all posted.

For the record, I am 32 years old.

Take care! Feel Better! God Bless!

This product is great!!

I started taking Endovan approximately four months ago. I came across this product online while during research for relief of fibroids. An ultrasound this summer confirmed I had two fibroids which were causing considerable pain and my doctor wanted to refer me to a surgeon. Within a couple of weeks of taking Endovan the swelling in my stomach went away but I still had pain from time to time. I continued to take the product and by the fourth month my pain totally went away. It took time but I am so glad I continued taking Endovan. This product has changed my life and I do not need surgery at this time. I am continuing to take Endovan to prevent any further fibroids. I have recommended this product to all of my friends dealing with the same issue. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!!!

Janet W.

No Surgery

I was told that I needed surgery. I started taking Endovan two years ago and my fibroids have shrunk – they were VERY painful! Thank you Endovan – I feel like a new woman!

Judy L.

My stomach does not seem to protrude as much!

I have been on Endovan about a month or so. I do believe it’s helping! My stomach does not seem to protrude as much! I have not experienced any negative side effects. Now I have a couple of small ones and a large one the size of a melon, so it’s going to take a little more time to get that sucker down. I’m so glad Endovan is an option for us, because a hysterectomy is a last resort! I had a laparoscopoy done about 8 years ago to get rid of some and i did not know they could come back!! But they did, with a vengeance. So, Endovan has given me hope! I will keep everyone updated on progress. Also, the customer service has been great!

Nicole N.

I’m so upset I didn’t know about Endovan sooner!

I have suffered from stage IV endometriosis for 16 years. My periods were heavy, clotty, very painful. Every month I was bedridden for at least a day or two with terrible pain, nausea, headaches, IBS, etc. I started taking Endovan on October 1, 2014. I can honestly say that after one month I saw a difference. I currently have my period and am NOT bedridden. I don’t have any cramps, my period is light, no headaches, no nausea, I am so happy. I’m a runner and normally during my period I’m in so much pain and have such a heavy flow that I can’t run but today I ran my five miles. I’m so happy I started using this product and am so upset I didn’t know of its existence sooner! It could of saved me from 3 endo surgeries, rounds of lupron shots with terrible side effects and years of painful periods!