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Football-sized fibroid

At the beginning of this year in May, I started having really painful stomach cramps. At first I thought it was just bad gas, but the pain did not go away. I tried taking some pain killers to no avail. I let the pain go on for a few days hoping it would go away on its own, but it didn’t. I went to my Doctor who gave me a physical examination and immediately ordered a CT scan. She gave me some stronger painkillers which seemed to help for a while. When the results came back, she told me I had a huge mass in my lower abdomen and referred me to a Gynecologist who ordered an MRI so she could take a proper look at what was going on inside of me. At the time I had been suffering for more than 8 weeks before I was scheduled for the MRI. When the results finally came, they told me I had a huge fibroid the size of a football. It was 20cm in diameter and the only way to get rid of it was for me to have surgery. That’s when I prayed for a miracle and asked God to guide me to the right medication and I found Endovan. My whole life had been disrupted by this tumor. I couldn’t lie on my stomach because of the pain and pressure, I got up almost 5 times each night to urinate, my sex life had been disrupted, I couldn’t exercise and the pain was unbearable. I relied daily on strong painkillers.

I started taking Endovan in June and by the end of June, the pain was gone, I no longer needed the painkillers. By the time it got to July, I had slowly started getting back into my exercise routine and I could lie on my stomach. Today, I am pain free, I only get up once or twice to urinate at night and I am back into my extensive workout routine and I feel good about myself becaue I am getting back into shape and I am more healthy. I also changed my eating habits and eat more fruits and vegetables. Most of all, it is the faith that I have that God is using people to come up with this supplement that can help women who are suffering in silence and have no hope. I thank God for Endovan.

Samantha K.

It didn’t work for me

I did purchase 3 bottles of Endovan. I have fibroids very bad. My stomach is bloated. It’s hard for me to get pregnant and I feel when I ovulate. Unfortunately, I did not have a success story with this product. However, I e-mailed my disappointment and I quickly received a full refund. I’m so shocked. Ladies try it because you have nothing to lose. This company stands by their word. I respect that

Keisha H.

I am very grateful to have found your product

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in the Spring of 2005. Before trying Endovan, I suffered from bloating,lower abdominal pain, spotting before and after my periods, blood clots, heavy bleeding during my periods, and unusually long periods. My gynecologist told me the condition would progressively get worse, and placed me on birth control pills to shorten my periods, and reduce the heavy bleeding. She also suggested that I use ibuprofen for the pain. However, this did not bring me any relief. I was still unable to perform my day-to-day duties without being in constant pain. So, I begain researching the condition on the internet, and stumbled across your website! I was skeptical, but after reading the testimonials, I decided to give it a try. I began using Endovan in June of 2006. After four menstrual cycles,I no longer have the constant pain, blood clots,and long periods. I went in for my annual with my gynecologist and was happy to inform her that I was feeling much better since I had been using Endovan (she had not heard of it)! I am very grateful to have found your product. It has truly allowed me to resume a normal way of life. Thanks!!

– Bonita C.

Stomach already flatter

I’m 26 yrs old RN and mother of two, and have been suffering with fibroid pain and bloating for four years now. My stomach always felt heavy and distended. I decided to try Endovan three weeks ago. Instantly the bloating was gone and my stomach is the flatest its been in years. Thanks Endovan.

Alexandra C.

I feel like I am Living!

Let me explain what my periods were like before I started Endovan (I have been using Endovan for a little over a month now) Before Endovan- my endometriosis had progressed to the stage where I literally could not walk with out being crippled- I could not walk upright- I had excrutiang chest pain ( heartburn) painful bowel movements, diarhea with periods, cramps so bad I would be doubled over in pain- and I could not drive myself to work let alone anywhere else. I was always feverish during my cycle. I tried Endovan and was very very skeptical. I even called customer service and spoke with them and they told me that when I am doing cartwheels and am feeling better they would like to hear my testimony. Well, guess what- I just had my first painfree period- I haven’t had one of these in over 10 years! I was in tears!! I have only been on Endovan for a month and I feel like I am LIVING!! I didn’t have to take a single painkiller- which is amazing. Anyways I wanted to share my testimony and hope that it helps someone out there. God Bless.

– Meeta P.