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Remarkable results!

I started using Endovan in 2005 after it was recommended by a friend. I refused to have a hysterectomy and at the time I was not too aware of phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens and how they wreak havoc on the body. Another factor was toxins. My liver was congested from toxic overload due to natural everyday living. I took the recommended dose for years and noticed the fibroids decreased in size slightly only because I was ingesting and exposed to so many phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens as well as toxins. It was like dumping two cups of water out of a bucket full and adding back 1 and a 1/2. They weren’t growing any bigger but they also weren’t disappearing. The Endovan was doing it’s job beautifully but I was busy loading my system with stuff that aggravated the situation. Then came the recession and as things got financially tight, cuts had to be made and I stopped taking the Endovan due to the expense. Bad mistake!!!

The fibroids grew to a size of a large grapefruit. I’m a very petite and tiny person and this is a huge mass! I got educated on hormones in the environment and toxins and had switched to an organic diet by now. I had gallstones and did the liver gallstone detox flushes as well as total body detoxes. Finally nothing helped reduce them in size until I ordered the Endovan again earlier this year and started on a regimen. At first I took 3 pills a day and immediately after a couple of weeks the tummy started to go down. The fibroid mass in my uterus was so large that I could not run or jump and felt a constant urge to urinate. I had leakage if I ran or jumped. It made life miserable. The constant urge to use the restroom was frustrating.

After a few months of the 3 pills per day regimen I switched to 9 pills per day for about a month and 6 weeks ago a huge mass of the fibroids dissolved suddenly. The release of the toxins trapped in the mass made me sick but it was expected and a clear indicator that the product worked!!!! I had a UTI but it was worth it. The mass reduced in size from a large grapefruit size to a small to medium orange. My tummy was almost flat and no bloat! I was ecstatic! I could jump and run and had no urge to go to the bathroom constantly. Working out was a joy and I no longer dreaded it.

I have my life back! Thank you for this God send product.

Sadie R.