Monthly Archives: May 2012

It has done wonders for me

Thanks for this product, it has done wonders for me in the past weeks. Pain of endometriosis has been less intense and in the last period I almost took no pills at all. I usually go with 30-50 naproxen sodium pills in that week.

– Ixane D.

Pain and bleeding has stopped and surgery has been canceled

To all women that are facing surgery, please try Endovan. I was facing surgery which I didn’t want. I wanted to try everything I could before surgery. I began taking shots that the doctor insisted upon; that was going okay at first. I took the shots for 3 months, but they gave me side effects so I stop taking them. One day while researching on the internet I discovered Endovan. I was so amazed at the testimonials. I said “why not, I’m going to give it a try,” so I did. I believe that the angels sent me right to this product. I have suffered for 3 years now with heavy bleeding, clots and severe pain. Within the 3 years, I have had 4 blood transfusion because of the bleeding. Three months ago my hemoglobin was 7.5. Thank God for Endovan, because now my hemoglobin is higher than it ever been in my life, at 12.2. Using Endovan I saw immediately results, in 2 weeks the blood flow had decreased. Endovan has change my life. I’m free from suffering and the bleeding has stopped. I’m back to norman again. No pain. Even my stomach has gone down, and I have lost 15 pounds in the last 2 months. Surgery has been canceled. I have taken 6 bottles of Endovan and still on it. I feel that Endovan is a safe and natural miracle product. Thank You Endovan!

Rose T.

Fabulous results

Just in case you are wondering, I have been plagued with endometriosis since my first period at 12 (I am 50 now). So I am in the 6 capsules/day melting stage for the endo with the Endovan, and it is working FANTASTIC! I am waiting until it is completely gone and under control before I post a testimonial on your website. But I also go to acupuncture every week to get my perimenopausal hormones under control, and I have to say the Endovan has given me such fabulous results since I have been using it the last two months that my acupuncture doctor does a Snoopy Happy Dance every week when he exams me. 🙂

– Laura W.