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I recommend Endovan highly to any woman suffering Endometriosis or PCOS or other problems getting pregnant

My name is Melissa and I was diagnosed with endometriosis after suffering bad periods and infertility after my 5 beautiful children.

My husband and I were wanting 6 children and were trying for years wondering what was going on. I went to my OB doctor and had a laparoscopic surgery that found the endometriosis. I was devastated as I know how all the women in my family suffer miscarriages as I have and can’t conceive. They set me up for a hysterectomy at only 34 years old, but my insurance company denied it and told me to go to Mental Health as they claimed my problems were, ” all in my head”. Even when I would repeatedly almost bleed to death monthly and had the proof, I was still told to jump through the hoops. Eventually I grew tired of receiving no help and took matters into my own hands.

One day I was laying on the couch crying with my family praying over me. All of the sudden I jumped off the couch and researched Endovan. Something I had never heard of. I got off all medications (or should I say poison?) from the doctors. I ordered Endovan and it changed my life for the better.

I started taking Endovan and before I was finished with the first bottle became pregnant.  I had my baby boy Elijah Feb. 8th, 2016. He just celebrated his first birthday the other day and is such a precious bundle of joy. We are so excited to share this story with you all.

I recommend Endovan highly to any woman suffering Endometriosis or PCOS or other problems getting pregnant. I’d like to take this time to say thank you to the makers of Endovan and for helping women like myself with this most joyous time in their lives. Ultimately we know Jesus deserves all our thanks. He is the ultimate healer and comforter and he put these lovely people here to help us. I’m thankful Endovan is natural unlike taking prescription medications that damage your body further. God bless Endovan. God Bless all you ladies.

Melissa K