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No more maximum absorbency pads

They said only surgery could save my life, and that I needed a blood transfusion. The surgery was $100,000, my insurance only covers 80% which means I had come up with $20.000 that I don’t have. I though this was it and I was going to bleed to death after 5 months of non-stop heavy bleeding. I was using Poise maximum absorbency pads – the one that incontinent people use. On top of that, before I went to bed I had to put a garbage bag and a towel on top of my bed because I was afraid I was going to bleed through. I was very pale and feeling weak and taking two pain killers a day. I am still in disbelief that my bleeding has stopped completely after only 2 weeks of taking Endovan, and I did it with less than $50. To me this is just a dream – a beautiful dream. I can’t thank you enough because for me THIS IS A GREAT MIRACLE, doctors told me that I was never going to stop bleeding unless I had hysterectomy.

With tears in my eyes I can tell you that I am very greatful and may God bless your business and I hope that many ladies that are suffering out there try Endovan before anything else IT WORKS, IT WORKS, IT WORKS. This is the Miracle pill. I thank God for Endovan because my case was severe and I am free now, my fibroids are shrinking but the most important part for me I have stopped bleeding completely and I am getting better day by day.

Thanks soooooooo much.

Maria A.


When I emailed your customer service with my questions about my having Endometriosis even after surgeries and hormone treatments you told me not ot be discouraged and to chek back with you after 3 weeks. Well you were right. Please forgive my skepticism.My pain and bleeding and clots are at least 50% gone! I can’t wait until another 3 weeks. Please re-order for me and send immediately. Thanks for patiently answering all of my questions.

Forever grateful

– Anna C.

My periods are ‘friendly’ again

I started taking Endovan about three years ago. At first I was skeptical, but within a few days and my periods were friendly! No cramps or PMS and after a few weeks my stomach reduced in size. I had been diagnosed with Fibroid tumors five years ago. I didn’t want surgery and the problems associated with it so I was trying all types of remedies I found online. I finally tried this product and, ladies, it gives hope to a very sensitive and frustrating problem! Try it please!