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Lighter period, less bloating, fewer cramps

I started using Endovan almost 3 weeks ago. My period is much lighter, less bloating, fewer cramps in only a few weeks of use. It is the first time in years I have had a manageable cycle where my life didn’t stop during my period due to heavy bleeding and horrible swelling in my abdomen. I have also noticed reduced swelling and inflammation. So far, very happy with the product and will continue to order.

Really excited to measure the progress in 2 more months since it did so much in a few weeks.

A product that actually addresses one of the roots of the issue!

I started Endovan on the tail end of a pretty awful period. I’ve been dealing with endometriosis and PCOS since I was 12, nearly two decades. My periods have always produced pain bad enough to prevent me from walking. Eventually, I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and was lucky to hobble around and do anything at all for two weeks out of the month.

I’ve tried all the low-estrogen birth control pills, the poisonous depo lupron, even depo provera. I’ve had several laparoscopies to excise the endo and fibroids. I changed my diet several times. I even tried fertility treatments half a decade ago, which did result in the miraculous birth of my first child, but which didn’t do much to keep the pain and endo from returning with a vengeance. My second miracle was born just last year, a wonderful fluke.

However, the debilitating pain and other symptoms reappeared all too quickly, to the point where again I could not walk without assistance. This time it wasn’t going away at all.

I thought it was all over when the county took away my insurance. I was sure I was just going to waste away. But a friend with some of the same illnesses let me know about Endovan, wanting to purchase it for me to see if it would help. She hadn’t gotten to try it herself yet but had seen the reviews.

I went ahead and ordered a bottle. Within minutes of taking the first pill, I felt a calm I only feel after meditating. I could feel my body relaxing in ways it hasn’t in years! I could even feel a different kind of pain, one that felt restorative rather than just awful.

It’s been a few days now and I can feel my adhesions breaking down, loosening, and snapping apart. My digestive system is moving along with ease, my back and legs ache much less, and even though I still can’t move around like a healthier person, I find myself with more energy – or rather a more peaceful mindset – to do a few small tasks each day.

The ever-present sick feeling that crawls beneath my skin is pretty much finally gone. I am so grateful that I hag broken down in tears several times already. My abdomen has softened, my ribs no longer feel tied together, and I feel pliable instead of strung tight like a guitar.

Not all of my pain is gone and I’ll never not have my disabilities and illnesses, but it’s not at levels that make me feel insane or like I have to disengage from my own body. I’m comfortable in it in a way that I haven’t been very often and it’s thanks to Endovan.

A product that actually addresses one of the roots of the issue! That is completely natural! That has no super awful side effects!

I have never looked forward to taking any medicine, but I do now.