Monthly Archives: July 2017

My symptoms are disappearing!

I started taking Endovan eight months ago not knowing for sure if I had endometriosis (although GYN was pretty sure) I can’t afford laparoscopic surgery or even an appointment to help get with pain management. I was desperate and decided to give Endovan a try since a friend of mine swore it worked so well. It was the best decision I ever made. My daily pain went from a level eight on average to a level two on average! Before Endovan it would hurt for hours every time I went pee and I had diarrhea daily. Since taking it both those symptoms have disappeared. I recently stopped taking the pills to see if they’re really what was making the difference and I am absolutely miserable, it’s been a month, slowly all of my symptoms have returned and and then some! I can’t wait for my bottles of Endovan to arrive on my doorstep!