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I thought life was over until this product

In 2011 i started to have terrible pain flair ups. Most days i would sneak into the bathroom at work to just lay flat on the ground to relieve the pain. I couldn’t take any pain medication because it caused terrible constipation and so i just thought this was my new life. My boyfriend ( now husband ) would draw hot baths for me at 3 am. I was only able to crawl from bed to bath some days. I would lay at night looking on the net for a solution. I was not trying to have a baby but was on a fertility forum reading what helped other women with endo. I read that Endovan was working for these woman so i ordered a bottle. The first month i didn’t notice much. I would call it taking my sugar pill. My husband recommend i stay with it for 3 months at least. By month two my days with pain were under 7. Before i was in non stop pain 24-7. Everyday! Endovan changed my life. I really felt like life was over before i started taking it and now over a year in i see hope!

Nicole Y.

Awesome Product

Endovan has change my life tremendous. I feel great positive effects on my body. It really works! No more pain, bloating and a heavy period. And I continue on taking it!

Holy grail or miracle in a bottle

I’ve only been on it for two weeks. I can already feel changes. My rectal cramps are not as severe. Also losing some weight. Only real complaint is the peppery taste. Ladies it’s god sent. Please give it a try it won’t hurt. You won’t regret it


Avoided Surgery!

I needed a 2nd surgery to remove cysts. Then I took Endovan and they shrunk and one disappeared. I also noticed less pain. I think it works very well!

PS: I don’t take the crazy birth control that the doctor recommended because of side effects. The Endovan actually works better! It is expensive considering insurance doesn’t pay for it. I have to have it, but I wish it cost less.


So far so good…

I started taking Endovan last night and when I woke up this morning the pain was gone, I even had energy to get up. My husband asked me how I was feeling and I said, I feel weird because it is been so long since I have felt this good. I have not taken any pain killers since I took Endovan last night so I’m very pleased… So far so good, thank God.

Felda C.

Great product

I’ve been using Endovan now for two years. I’m an older woman that had been to the doctor several times to minimize bleeding associated with pre-menopause. I’ve been placed on birth control and given shots. Needless to say the results are the same heavy bleeding and severe pain. Once I tried my first bottle of Endovan within days the bleeding and pain stopped. No hysterectomy needed