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After 3 menstrual cycles I virtually had no symptoms at all!

In The Summer of 2001 I discovered after extensive testing laparoscopic, pelvic and MRI exams that the cause of severe abdominal pain bloating and unbearable period cramps and bleeding was endometriosis.

After 2 separate laser surgeries a year apart by 2 separate OB/GYN endo specialists in laser surgery my endo had returned once again. They said it would since no surgery can remove everything. I couldn’t bear another surgery and did not want Lupron after seeing what it did to my friends. I was faced with a very difficult decision. Each period was worse that the one before since I was starting a new crop of endo cells each month to add to the old ones. Even the word hysterectomy was mentioned as a future consideration since my endo was accelerating birth control pills had side effects and only helped a little.

I had excellent insurance and excellent medical care and it was not working.

After researching options on the internet I found the Endovan website and was finally hopeful. Briefly only one week after I began Endovan my back pain was gone! My next period was nearly pain free. [ Before I needed Vicodin at times from my Doctor ].

After 3 menstrual cycles I virtually had no symptoms at all! I waited to see if each successive period would be normal and each month was the same with no PMS or cramps to warn me of an upcoming period. It has now been over 2 years since I began Endovan and I am still in disbelief each time my period comes unannounced and I don’t even need Tylenol. Even my frequent headaches are gone.

I realize doctors did all they could but no one until now has discovered how to dissolve and prevent future endometriosis from happening. The best part is that Endovan has no side effects and also dissolved a 10 cm. fibroid they discovered during my second surgery. Feel free to use my surgery photos to encourage other women to not give up.

I cannot thank you enough.

– Rhonda V.

Off Pain Medication

After suffering with Endometriosis and using birth control non-stop for 6 years to try to manage the pain I was willing to try anything to avoid the only other option my doctors had to offer—hysterectomy while in my 30’s. Within one week of beginning Endovan I noticed a difference!

– Katie R.

I’m sold just not to have the spotting and the low energy

This is my first month using Endovan. I did notice my monthly spotting has not been a factor. I had no spotting at all. I still suffered from painful cramps but there was no clotting. It was watery. Two advil stopped the pain instead of naproxin. I have more energy and have begun working out again running on my treadmill. I did not experience any pain that would normally accompany the spotting between periods. I’m sold just not to have the spotting and the low energy.