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Just Works!

I am on Endovan for almost 3 years and it WORKS I have a life now. I do not know anymore what is a painful period. I took 3 caps a day and all the nightmare is gone. I never will be thankful enough to Endovan and who made it because that is a blessing


Years of pain, discomfort, and such GONE

After i had my last child five yeas ago I have been left with sever pelvic pain, i have had several surgeries for the problem, but it just got worse. The pain would get so intense that I went to the emergency room , There I felt like the drs thought I was crazy and just want meds. So I made a appointment with the gynocologist who said it was endometriosis and only relief would be birth control of hysterectomy, so I tried the birth control which cause a bunch of other problems as well as 25+ weight gain. so i decided to go on line and see if those where my only options, I found this website and decided to give it a try been on regularly for 2 months and I am back to feeling healthy again with zero pain regular periods and my husband likes having me back. Thank you for a trust worthy product that provides true relief and not just a cover up.

Trish R.

Does Endovan work for women in menopause?

I have taken this product before my periods stop,and i think it helped me some. Now i want to know if it could help people that don’t have a period, because i still have the fibroids, i haven’t had a period for a year now. So my question to you is does your product work for people that don’t have a period anymore, that is going through menopause? Thank You

Praying This Is My Answer

Last month I went to my Gynecologist and was told I have numerous fibroids and a cyst on my right ovary. I had been suffering from painful cramps for years and years. All she recommended was for me to take birth control and said I may have to have surgery to remove the cyst if it is still there. I took the pill for a week and felt miserable and sick to my stomach. I decided to stop taking the pill. I prayed and then found Endovan online. I was skeptical, but decided to give it a try since I want a natural alternative. I’ve only been taking Endovan since the beginning of this month and I already had a shorter and lighter period. I was shocked it worked so fast! I normally have a lot of clotting and severe cramps for most of the days of my period and that didn’t happen this time. I only cramped for about two days and there was no clotting at all. I thank God for this! I will continue to take this product because I know something is working. I go back to the Gynecologist next month for an ultrasound and I believe I will have a good report. Thank you so much.

One week review

It is a bit early to say if Endovan is all that it’ s said to be but I can say in the one week I have been taking it the sharp shooting pains in my pelvis have subsided and I am noticing more energy. I am hopeful.

– One week customer

Endovan really works!

Endovan really works! I can’t believe I’m here writing a success story when I was feeling critical when buying the pills, but was willing to try anything! I became pregnant a few months after starting Endovan. Periods were lighter. Mood was better. Endovan is amazing. Thanks Endovan!

Julie B.