Monthly Archives: April 2016

Noticed the difference immediately

I’m so grateful to God for directing me to Endovan for my daughter! Since a teen she’s had problems with her menstrual period. After she married she was having extreme pain and discovered that she had cysts. I went online and found out about Endovan and rushed her two bottles. She started taking them and immediately noticed the difference in her pain levels. When she went to see the doctor the cyst had begun to shrink. Last year after much prayer and taking Endovan for a few months, she was able to conceive and in October we had a beautiful granddaughter! I’m spreading the word to all of the young women who have female problems about Endovan!! It truly is a God sent blessing!!

Toni S.

Second month on Endovan

This is my second month on Endovan. My pain has decreased and I’m now hoping that my abdomen decreases in size as it is embarrassing. I am on a diet even now to lose weight and hoping to fall pregnant one day.

So far so good!!!