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After 3 months my crippling endometriosis and Mittelschmerz pain has nearly vanished.

To tell the truth I have tried other supplements (some I believe were what put me in the ER for likely what were awful, rupturing cysts) and birth control with unpleasant side affects, so I was leery and careful with starting Endovan.

I have only been taking 1 capsule at a time and very irregularly, like every few days or so for almost 3 months now.

I was super worried that I would have basically a blowout again & not be able to continue taking them.

My first period after taking them for a couple weeks was rough. I had two days of really intense pain followed by a few days of above normal (for me) pain.

I continued taking them sporadically and only one capsule at a time… my second cycle was noticeably different, as I didn’t have the 6-24 hours of miserable ovulation pain and my period was far easier than my norm.

I just had my third period and it was different than ever before. I had no oncoming symptoms, I barely bled for two days then had constant heavy flow for about half a day, then it just suddenly stopped. It was almost like I could feel that it was done.

** I have also noticed over the months that I have had some breast pains that are not typical to my cycle but similar to those I experience when pregnant.

I have been diagnosed as “subfertile” with a complete work up and no discernible reason, as my very first pregnancy 8 years ago was successful but my following 4 pregnancies since were not successful.

While we are still undecided if we will try again (I am now going on 38) I feel that Endovan has given me what my doctors told me only surgery “could potentially” give me- RELIEF from YEARS of EXCRUCIATING PAIN.

I have done YEARS of research and seen a dozen different OB/GYNs, genetic specialists and various other types of doctors and finally came across this supplement on my own and with nothing to lose.

My last resort before discovering Endovan was robotic “exploratory” surgery with the possibility of making my symptoms worse than they already were (TERRIFYING)

I am going through my ovulation phase currently and it is also different than ever before. Different as in- I was woken up last night with an “explosive” stabbing, right ovarian pain that lasted maybe 3 minutes, after which it just completely stopped. ?!?!?

With all the very noticeable changes and differences in my (decades of) disrupting and crippling ovulation and menstruation pains, I am very confident Endovan is doing exactly what it claims to do.

I plan to keep up my regimen of one capsule every two days or so as it seems to be working for me.

An infinite THANK YOU to those who took the time and effort to formulate this supplement that alleviates so many people’s life altering pain.

Good luck to you all on your journeys!!!

Sarah M

Adhesions and bowel movements improved

Seven months after abdominal surgery, I was increasingly worried about adhesions being present and causing little pellet bowel movements.

I was determined not to have a bowel obstruction and another surgery. Doctors practicing traditional medicine said nothing could be done. I looked everywhere for answers and was directed to Endovan by a kind doctor willing to think out of the box. Two and half weeks after taking it, my bowel movements are normal again, and the hard lumps in my abdomen are much smaller. Thank you!!!!!