Monthly Archives: December 2011

I Feel Wonderful

I can not believe how wonderful I feel after taking your product for the first time. This is my second day and I feel so good without any pain. Finally, after suffering with so much pain in the past. I am so grateful, ever women who has any fibro’s needs this. Thanks so much!!!

– Angelina M.

One month later…

Dear Endovan I am a a new person. You truly have answered my prayers.In only a few days my pain level was much better! I am only on my second period now and hardly have any cramps at all.! I can’t believe my doctor doesn’t know about this.Needless to say I am cancelling my surgery! Please send 2 more bottles since we are leaving on vacation soon. Please don’t ever stop your product!

– Kelly M.

Diagnosed after miscarriage

I started taking Endovan about two years ago – within days my stomach appeared smaller, my cramps were not there before my cycle, and I felt really healthy. I am more active now. I am 46 years old and I was diagnosed with fibroids after I suffered a miscarriage in 2003. I was told surgery was my only option and i wasn’t willing to do that at all. A few years later when I was just exhausted doing herbal remedies that didnt work, I finally found Endovan on the net, and I started to use it. I was blown away!! Thank you so much for this product. God bless you!