Monthly Archives: June 2014

My pain is nearly gone

I have taken Endovan for 4 months now. My period is without cramps. I haven’t had the paralyzing pain that came from an endometrial bowel nodule in almost 3 months. I still have noticable ovary pain around ovulation but not the kind that makes you fall to the floor. Pain during intercourse has greatly decreased as well. I am very pleased with Endovan!


So Amazing

I have been in pain for years, just getting out of bed was hard. I was so tired and in so much pain, it was like having the worst period every day of my life. I tried so many doctors and medicines and the next recommended step was surgery. I found Endovan and ordered it and it started to work within the first few days. I have been on it three weeks. I don’t have the back pain, stomach pain or any of the bleeding. My energy is coming back and my stomach swelling is going away. I feel better everyday!