Monthly Archives: November 2022

I am so glad that my life is back on track!

I have been a long-term user of Endovan after having two surgeries respectively over the last 15 years, both of which created post-surgery symptoms that had been bothering me on a daily basis. Symptoms include upset stomach in the morning, bloating and frequent bowl movement after having certain type of food etc., which apparently are caused by cysts, fibroids and muscle & scar tissues built-up due to years of natural growth around my reproductive organs as well as residual scar tissues post hysterectomy surgery. I was fortunate enough to find Endovan which had worked seamlessly and successfully to eliminate the abdominal discomfort over the years. I take two pills a day, one daytime and one nighttime. All symptoms start to ease after 1-2 weeks, which is amazing.

I’d strongly recommend this daily supplement made of natural ingredients to avoid unnecessary surgery or traditional medicine that does not solve the problem yet creates more side effects. I am so glad that my life is back on track!