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I’m loving being my old self again

I wanted to let ladies know that I’ve only used Endovan for about 2 months and the results are truly amazing. All the cramps, spotting, and unexpected days of bleeding heavy, even clots all have seemed to stop. Currently I feel good, and I’m loving being my old self again. I know all the ladies who are experiencing fibroids know what im talking about in regards to the importance of having a normal day life again. I truly recommend this product.

Susy M.

I was told by my doctor that I would need a hysterectomy

I am absolutely thrilled with this product. After bleeding for three months, developing severe anemia and requiring one blood transfusion, I was told by my doctor that I would need a hysterectomy due to fibroids. I was given no other options. But, I was determined not to have a hysterectomy and began pursuing other options.

I was on the internet doing a search about Lupron when I discovered your website. I was very impressed with the testimonials, pictures, and your satisfaction guarantee and decided to try the product. I am just finishing my second bottle and can proudly report that I have no more bleeding, no more pelvic pain and pressure, and no more bloating. My anemia is resolved and my energy is back. I am even exercising again! I intend to go back to my doctor to get another ultrasound to make sure the fibroid problem has been completely resolved and I’m sure she’ll be surprised to find them gone. But, I won’t be! I’ll let you know the final results. And, since I’m only 46 and may have a few years before I go through menopause, I plan on taking a maintenance dose to make sure my fibroids don’t come back. Thanks again for such a great product.

Rhonda S.

The customer service has been excellent

I will be 49 in about two days. Last year I started getting heavy, longer lasting periods. I thought it was the change, not knowing what to experience during this phase of my life. My doctor said NO, sounds like fibroids. She was right, she did not recommend anything surgical, basically said live with it until you know you can’t. So I did and things got worse, sometimes frightening, not knowing when my period would start, end or how much I would bleed. I made an appointment to have a “hydro” procedure done, basically hot water in your uterus to cut off the source of the bleeding but probably not getting to the fibroids. My doctor said a hysterectomy would be a last case resort.

I saw the Endovan website this past month and promptly ordered, I was desperate. The customer service has been excellent. That was about three weeks ago. I have not bled for three weeks which is the biggest break I have had in over six months. My stomach was starting to bloat and it felt better in about a week.


My cycles were so heavy I had to wear pampers

I started using Endovan while my cycle was still on. My cycles were so heavy I had to wear pampers, the pads wasn’t strong enough for the flow I would have monthly. I was so tired of these heavy periods I was having. I would be tired, I had no enegy to do anything. I couldn’t go out and shop or do the house work, but one day I decided to go on the internet and look for something that would help with the fibroids and I also had a cyst on my right ovary, I know it was God who spoke to me to do this. I did not want the surgery and my prayers were answered. I started taking the Endovan and there was no pain and guess what, I did not know that my cycle was on, the cycle is so light I am back wearing my pads again. I really don’t need a pad, I feel like I am in heaven. Please if you haven’t yet bought Endovan, get it. I have already ordered my second bottle. I am so pleased with this product.