Monthly Archives: December 2010

No more myomectomies for me!

I have been taking Endovan, for a few months. So far, my menstrual cramps have dissipated and I have less PMS symptoms! I hope that my stomach goes down (I think it has a bit….exercise should help, too/LOL) more, because before my myomectomy (5 years ago), I had 4 cantaloupe sized fibroids, which grew back to plum size….hopefully the plums will be grapes, soon! Thanks to the inventor of Endovan, I am onto the road of fibroid shrinking success! No more myomectomies for me!


Period cut down to only four days with less clots!

I just wanted to say how happy I am with Endovan. I have three fibroids, two inside my uterus and one outside. My doctor suggested I come back in a year to have another ultrasound to see if they get bigger. I decided to try Endovan, well after just two weeks of using it I noticed my next period which usually lasts seven days with heavy clotting was cut down to only four days with less clots! (which used to be the norm for me pre fibroids) I can actully feel the one outside of my uterus with my hand and now I am noticing its not as big and its less frequent that I feel it, also my stomach is getting flatter. I am on my second bottle now. I can hardly wait to go back for my ultrasound and see my doctors reaction when she can’t find any!


I use to have heavy clots and bleeding

Wow, I have to say that I am impressed and very happy since I began taking Endovan. I use to have heavy clots and bleeding and since taking the Endovan the clots have decreased more than half and my periods are now pretty much normal cycles as opposed to 10-15 days. I just placed another order. I can’t wait to see what my cycles will be like after 6 months. I will give an update then. Thank you so much!