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Symptoms much improved!

Honestly, Endovan is something I cannot even describe. It is indeed working for me and am so happy and grateful I found it. I have fibroids and I came across Endovan during a recent research on a website.

I thought of sharing what I observed after being on Endovan for 3 & half weeks now.

These are the changes I saw during and after my cycle.

1. Cramps – the usual heavy cramps prior to my cycle reduced . I had little or less cramps this time I didn’t even noticed till I went to the bathroom when I noticed it had come.

2. Heavy & thick flow – For the first time in a long time I noticed my flow was watery & lighter in color. Because of the fibroids, I used to have heavy hot flows which I changed pads often, and also the color of my flow used to be very dark red, but this time it was lighter in color.

3. Clots- my cycle has always been accompanied with clots, and if I say clots I mean very thick clots which are darker in color, sometimes I get scared when I see them I ask myself how can such big clots pass thru , and it comes during urination when in my cycle. But since being on Endovan I didn’t see that, though, I had clots but this time it was little clots that I observed and also lighter in color.

4. Discharges after cycle  – I usually have little dark discharges after my cycle, but this time those discharges had minimized. Also not dark as it used to be. 

In summary, I would have to admit that Endovan is a miracle. Thank God for these wonderful pills.

I’m just praying my fibroids vanishes so I can have a normal size abdomen/tummy.

And also kudos to all the Endovan team , especially Gerry for the amazing customer service you give and the tips that come with it. I am sharing these results for everyone to see. For those women who doubt Endovan, please it works,

I can’t wait for my next order to come.

Fran E