Monthly Archives: June 2019

It works

I am so grateful for Endovan. I was diagnosed with fibroids April 2018. I drove myself to emergency because I was having trouble breathing. I took a blood test and my blood levels were 3.2. I received a blood transfusion ( 5 units) and stayed in the hospital for 3 days. My doctor put me on birth control pills and iron pills. On October 29, 2018. I had another episode where I couldn’t stop bleeding. That morning my sister called 911 because there was blood all over the room. Another hospital stay of 3 days and 3 units of blood. That was it for me. I am going to get rid of these fibroids without surgery. I asked God to send the best natural way to rid my body of these fibroids. I discovered Endovan days later. After a week my fibroids felt smaller and softer. After 2 weeks the bleeding was way less than what I had expected. I just ordered my second bottle. I am praying my cycle returns to its natural state soon. Thank you Endovan