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This product is amazing

A year ago I was diagnosed with 2 small fibroids 1 cm in size along with ovarian cysts. I researched alternative treatments and came across Endovan. I ordered the product and took as recommended. At first I thought it was working, then 3 months into taking it I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. After that a lot of my symptoms went away the bloating, breakthrough bleeding eyc. I still had heavy periods but the clots had decreased. I stopped taking Endovan about 6 months ago and feel that my symptoms are returning so I will be restarting it and will continue the maintance dose because it works. I also believe in combining a healthy diet free of foods that increase estrogen production. This product is amazing and is a life saver if you don’t want to have surgery or take prescribed medicine. I have recommended to others.

Hillary H.

Thank you for giving my sister a second chance

My sister has been bleeding over a year. She was sick all the time she tried many things with no luck so I decided to look on the web. That’s when I found Endovan. I bought two bottles and sent it to her. After about a week my sister called me and said after three days of taking Endovan her bleeding and the pain had stopped. I want to thank you for giving my sister a second chance.

Thank you

Sharan G.

I am so glad that this product is out there to help us woman

I am 44 years old I have had fibroid for about 20 years now the only thing that bothered me was having a long cycle every month my back would hurt i couldn’t go to work i would have to change pads every 5 to 10 mins. I finally got tired of this so I went to a doctor and all he said was that i needed a hysterectomy and i was not having that because then i needed to take hormone pills – NOT happening.

I have fibroids the size of a soft ball because it looks like i am pregnant, so i decided to look online and see how can i can get rid of my fibroids and Endovan popped up i read pretty much everybody’s life story i was so amazed to hear that everyone was doing so great by taking Endovan.
So i have been taken Endovan since January 2014 i feel so great because i do crossfit and in doing crossfit i have a lot of energy my metabolism is very high i run better now.

Since i have been taking Endovan my fibroids have shrunk a lot because i love sleeping on my stomach and i couldn’t do that anymore but since I have been taking Endovan they have shrunk i am so glad that this product is out there to help us woman.

Thank you Endovan for letting me have my life back.

Juanita R.

It Really Works!!!

I ordered this as a last ditch effort to help with pain and swelling I have endured from adhesions for years, and in the first month my swelling has gone down, and the pain has subsided somewhat. I’m going to keep on taking Endovan and hope it continues helping me.

Julia R.