Monthly Archives: July 2015

Some improvement

Been taking for 6 weeks. I have Adenomyosis and I took 2 capsules daily for about a month, then I started my next bleeding spell, which was a lot lighter than my previous bleeding episodes. It started out that way for two weeks and then started to increase to normal. About week 3 I started to get the heavy clotting again so I just backed off to 1 capsule in the evening and it did let up some, but I’ve stopped it completely until I’m done with this round. My bleeding is substantially lighter now and hopefully I quit soon. Usually my periods are lasting about a month. As soon as I’m done, I’ll start Endovan back up again twice a day while I’m not bleeding. I’ll update my progress after a few more months.


Already working in less than a month!!

I have had endo for 11 years – it took 9 years to diagnose. I also have adenomyosis (endo in the uterus muscle), it also spread to my hips and around my sciatic nerve – SO painful, and in the ovaries. I’ve tried EVERYTHING short of a total hysterectomy and the only thing to manage the pain has been Aleve and eating healthy and taking super epa fish oil. Since taking Endovan my pain has reduced GREATLY!!!! My husband is completely shocked and I’m simply amazed as well. This month I was able to get away without taking a single Aleve pill. This is huge for me!!!! I still have endo pain, but its wayyy less than before, and it’s getting better each week. I’m SOOOOO happy and grateful. I’m so happy I didn’t listen to the Dr’s and get a hysterectomy when I turned 30. I promise this product is worth a try! I wish so bad that I found it years and years ago, but I’m so pleased to have it now at least =)

So far so good

I have been taking Endovan. The first thing I noticed was that the menstrual period I had after I started taking the Endovan—that period was not as heavy. I previously was having to go and change tampons every hour. But now I can wear the tampon for maybe 3 hours before I have to change it. Granted, I ran out of Endovan and haven’t taken it for about 3 weeks now. And I notice that my menstrual period now is seeming heavier. So, I think I need to get myself some Endovan just as fast as I can so I can resume getting rid of the fibroids so my periods will be lighter.