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It helps a lot

I’ve been taking Endovan for several years. It’s wonderful but I still have some breakthrough pain. I recently tried castor oil packs and these are helping very much as well. They complement each other. Thanks

Don’t do surgery. Read my story – this works!

I’ve been suffering since I was 16 years old and I’m now turning 50. I lived in such pain and had 15 surgeries to clean out the Endometriosis that is all over all my organs. They told me when I was 17 years old I had such severe endometriosis I would never have children. Thank god I had 3. They took out my left ovary at 28 years old – the doctor wouldn’t take my uterus out. Nine months later it had to come out. I was bleeding to the point the clots I could feel coming down were the size of baseballs. 8 years later the pain was so bad I begged to die. they did a cat scan – couldn’t see anything wrong – meanwhile my right ovary was wrapped around my colon on the right side. I never ever got relief from surgery. I always felt like I was in labor even after 20 years it just kept getting worse.

I’ve been on Endovan for 3 weeks and it is definitely helping. I still have pain but not nearly as bad. Amazing. I was so afraid I was going to need another surgery and I’m terrified to wind up with a bag because it’s wrapped around my colon again the pain was beyond terrible. I’m ordering 3 more bottles now and praying it will continue to keep getting better every month. If you have any doubts please try it will change your life. I’m now a believer. Don’t do surgery, it doesn’t work – it just comes right back and don’t trust your doctor I did for my whole life and I’ve lived a very painful existence for way too many years.


Miracle pills

Endometriosis since I was 16 years old. I had two children by a miracle but I was always in pain with my periods. they incapacitate me anytime I get them and these pills have done wonders for me. I’ve been on them for a month and I’ve already gone down to a stage 2. I can’t wait to finish the first two bottles so I can be cleared up again. I love these pills they are a miracle


Endovan is truly amazing

I went to three OBGYNs with severe abdominal pain and knock-you-to-the-ground severe cramps . I also was feeling nausea and throwing up all the time. I was very weak and so tired. I was going to college with a towel in my bookbag just in case I would need it. All three specialists wanted to put me on hormones. I took Junel birth control for a year and it made my symptoms worse not better. I have a severe case of Endometriosis. All three physicians said there was nothing they could do for me and I had so much adhesion and scar tissue I would never be able to have children of my own. I was devastated and heartbroken.

I am only 25 years old. I could see my dreams becoming failures. So I prayed and so did my church. I was looking up natural ways to help endometriosis. I came across Endovan. I read about the product, prayed and ordered two bottles of Endovan. It took some time but it worked. I am on my fifth month and starting periods regularity and have gained my life back.


Danielle C.

Great Product

This product has help reduced pain of fibroids greatly I am able to do day to day activities with so much ease. I’m greatful for being introduced to this product!!

Pregnancy Success after Less Than 1 month on Endovan!

My family is beyond excited to share that after 6 years of suffering Endometriosis and praying for a baby again it has finally happened after less than 1 month of Endovan and of course by the Grace of God. It is a miracle! I just found out on June 11, 2015 that the test came back positive for pregnancy. I’m over 35 now and praying for twins as they run in both sides of mine and my husband’s family. I will keep everyone posted. I have an ultrasound coming at 8 weeks. I’m close to 6 weeks now. Thanks Endovan for your support. Totally worth trying. It works miracles. Baby due in February 2016.


Miracle for my pain

I have been in pain since I was 18 years old – I’m 33 now. I tried many treatments, two surgery procedures and contraceptive pills and none of that helped. In my desperation to find something that could help, I found Endovan. This pill is the best thing that could happen to me. I have been taking Endovan since the end of 2014 and I am new woman and my husband is happier.

Amazing results

I have experienced severe cramps for years now with not much relief. I researched tons of sites and came across Endovan. So glad I did!! My symptoms have been diminished tremendously and it has also increased my libido.