Monthly Archives: April 2013

Less pain, less bleeding, less everything

I had started having my period more often and longer with lots of blood clots and extreme pain. My fibroids were growing with every ultrasound. I started taking Endovan 5 months ago – this has been a blessing from God. I want to tell everyone that may be going through the pain that I was. I recently had another ultrasound after starting Endovan and yes, my fibroids have gone down. I noticed a change with my periods right away – less pain, less bleeding, less everything. I am so happy – I finally feel better. I can go to town with my family without being scared I will mess my clothes up or be in extreme pain. All I can say is if you are bleeding more, having longer periods, or extreme pain then this is something you should really try. I’m not a sales person. I’m a regular peson who was tired of being sick an tried so much that didn’t work. To my surprise, this has changed my life and I want to shout it from the rooftop. I want everyone who experienced the pain to experience the joy I have now.