Monthly Archives: May 2007

No Insurance

Thank you so much for your product. Please send a 6 month supply ASAP. As you stated My pain was nearly gone in 2 weeks and my heavy bleeding was nearly gone by my next period. I changed jobs and do not have health insurance yet and could’t afford tests or surgery. Endovan was a life-saver! My heavy bleeding has stopped and my stomach has shrunk 2 dress sizes. I have so much more energy! THANK YOU!!

A Fan….Mary Ellen

Stomach Flat Again

Hello, I need another order shipped overnight delivery please. Endovan has exeeded all of my expectations! I am a petite person and workout every morning but could not get rid of my stomach from fibroids. The doctor said I was the size of a 3 or 4 month pregnancy. After 3 bottles I finally am back to my old size again with no surgery. I have no cramps for the first time in my life! I can’t thank you enough. I am telling all my friends to spread the word.

Sincerely, Lydia