Monthly Archives: December 2017

I have hope for the first time in so long!!!

This is my first review ever for any product! I have to share this with women suffering with endometriosis. I started taking endovan only 2 weeks ago, but I have had amazing results. I was scheduled for surgery (which I cancelled), and I was in pain constantly. My ovaries ached, my back, and I had terrible periods. I started this the day of my period, and the entire period I only took ibuprofen once! Let me put it in perspective; I typically go through an entire 24 tablet bottle (sometimes more) on my period because of the pain. After my periods, I have terrible pelvic pain. I cannot even believe that my pain is gone. We have been trying for another baby for 2.5 years with fertility treatments with no success due to endometriosis. I have hope for the first time in so long!!! If you suffer from endo, order this now.