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I now have a healthy and beautiful son

I must say thank you to Endovan. I used to have severe pains while on my period and it required me to visit the emergency room often to receive pain medication via intravenous line. After suffering for many many years with painful periods a friend mentioned Endovan to me. I read up on it and purchased a bottle started taking it and I must say what a relief I felt after a few months of using it. I have severe endometriosis and I gave up on ever having kids. I kept taking my Endovan for a year or more and it has really helped me. I was able to go to work and resume my normal life. It even helped me get pregnant. I am happy to say I now have a son who is healthy and beautiful.

Endovan was took me out of a painful life to a life of minimal pain. Thank you for creating such a wonderful and helpful product I recommend it to every woman who has trouble with period pains.

Darcelle M.

Fibroid feels smaller and softer than before

I have multiple fibroids and endometriosis and have had long painful periods, backache, leg pains, and headaches. I ordered Endovan in April, 2013 and started using it immediately. Now my fibroids and endomentrios have shrunk and the biggest fibroid feels smaller and softer than before. I can’t wait to see future results!

Esther B.

Leigh Erin Connealy, MD


Dr. Connealy treats the WHOLE person, and is open to all potential treatment possibilities. She has over twenty years of experience in finding the ‘root cause of an illness’, and has taken numerous advanced courses, including homeopathic, nutritional and lifestyle approaches.

In 2009, Dr. Connealy opened the first Oasis of Hope Integrative Cancer Treatment Center in the United States.

Dr. Connealy uses Endovan in her practice when dealing with women who have fibroids and desire a non-surgical alternative.


Dr. Connealy attended the University of Texas School of Public Health, and then attended the University of Health Sciences Chicago Medical School. She completed her post-graduate training at the Harbor/UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Connealy soon realized that conventional medicine had very limited returns and did not always improve the health of her patients. Her patients were hungry for alternative approaches for improving their health. This led her to study integrative and complementary therapies, and since then she has revolutionized the landscape of medicine. Dr. Connealy feels that we must treat the patient with the disease and not the disease of the patient. She has discovered that many factors contribute to the disease process; therefore, many modalities must be used to reverse it.

Dr. Connealy treats the WHOLE person, and is open to all potential treatment possibilities. She has over twenty years of experience in finding the ‘root cause of an illness’, and has taken numerous advanced courses, including homeopathic, nutritional and lifestyle approaches, while studying disease, chronic illness, and cancer treatments.

She has a true passion to change her patients’ lives, and give them their life back.

Dr. Connealy began practicing medicine in 1986. In 1992, she founded the Center for New Medicine in Irvine, California, where she serves as Medical Director. Her practice is firmly based in the belief that strictly treating the health problems with medications does not find the root cause of the illness.

The Center offers a vast array of services for men, women and children, including the latest in cancer therapies, detoxification, holistic dentistry, nutrition, fitness and weight loss, cosmetic/laser treatment, pain management, allergy therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, sleep disorders, and much more. We also provide specialized services in gynecology, natural fertility, and menopause, hormone imbalances for all ages, healthy sexuality, healthy aging, and personalized preventive medicine. Some of the chronic conditions treated at the clinic include cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, neurological and auto-immune disorders. Dr. Connealy has an out patient Cancer treatment Center right on site in association with Oasis of Hope USA.

Since opening Oasis of Hope she has come to realize the importance of cancer prevention healthcare. A cancer diagnosis is devastates patients and their families as each of us has witnessed the demise of a loved one through traditional cut and burn treatments. She has become a foremost integrative cancer expert and utilizes the low dose, insulin potentiated chemotherapy, which has little to no side effects (read attached handouts) as well as genetic testing through RGCC labs – to determine the exact effective therapies; alternative and chemotherapy. Quality of life is her foremost concern for her patients. She looks beneath the tumor to find underlying causes of the disease.

Dr. Connealy writes and has been published in monthly health columns for “Coast” and “OC Health”, Orange County based magazines and is published in “The Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association” (JANA), along with Healthy Aging Magazine & Townsend Letter. She is a frequent writer for Natural News and Newport Natural Health on line magazines. For 10 years she was a weekly co-host on Frank Jordan’s national radio show “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise” on Sirius/XM Channel 131 digital cable. Dr. Connealy is a frequent guest speaker at professional organizations and on cable television shows when highlighting health topics like KTBN or Know the Cause with Doug Kaufman airing across the country periodically.

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Ovarian cysts GONE! Endo pain bearly noticable!!!

I cannot rave enough about this product!!! I went on it years ago and then felt better and let myself run out..In time the pain returned and I also developed ovarian cysts.. Lots of pain and they wanted to do surgery asap.. Periods were irregular up to 6 months without it.. Went back on Endovan, within two werks had a full cycle.. Periods have been more than regular and pain free!! Had another followup ultrasound done today, ALL MY CYSTS ARE GONE!!! I ONLY attribute this to Endovan!! Two years these same cysts were there! THANK YOU !!!! I thank God for Endovan and the people who created it!!!

Amy W.