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Endovan is an essential tool in combating my symptoms

I’m so glad I found this product with a simple google search (natural remedies for endometriosis) – even though my doctor said there was ‘nothing I could do other than surgery’. I was determined to find a solution, especially since my doctor said a single surgery for endometriosis was not a long term fix. I was told the endometriosis would come back and I would just have to keep having surgeries, which is not a healthy solution at all. I also had a small fibroid that was a problem as well.

So many women endure painful, heavy cycles and assume they are just one of those people who have to deal with bad periods. I started taking Endovan and after one month I could tell something was changing. After 3 months I had 75% improvement- less pain and cramping, shorter duration and less clotting. It was almost bizarre to have a normal cycle without being debilitated for days out of the month! I also researched and found that some studies show high level of dioxin, a byproduct of the beaching process, in women with endometriosis – so I started using organic, unbleached tampons as well which I believe is making a difference. Endovan is an essential tool in combating my symptoms and I’m so grateful it exists. Definitely give it a try!