Another Endovan Baby!

I had an Essure placement in my tubes after having my daughter. It was then that I found out that I had endometriosis. I thought nothing of it because I never felt any symptoms from it. After a few months went by I started to suffer with severe symptoms from endometriosis.

The doctors I went to all said the same thing, “take birth control for the rest of your life”. I was on birth control for 3 months and it didn’t help at all. I started to look online for help and that’s when I found Endovan. I thought it was worth a try and within the first month all my symptoms had gone away. Within one month my periods went back to once a month, I stopped cramping like I was having labor pains. I stopped bleeding all over out in public.

Within 3 months I was pregnant with another child! My husband and I couldn’t be more pleased!!! I now have a two month old son named Pawl and he is my little miracle child. Endovan is God’s gift to women.

-Jami K.

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