Monthly Archives: February 2015

I am finally pain free

I have had endometriosis for 14 years, and most of those years I was in pain and spot bleeding 80 percent of every month, with 2 full periods sometimes.
After many doctor appointments I tried hormones to turn all of my reproductive organs off then restart them. That proved unsuccessful. I had surgery, which only brought temporary relief, then I was right back where I started. I took Motrin & used heating pads daily and actually got used this lifestyle. By a miracle of the Lord my husband and I were blessed with 3 children! But unfortunately after each pregnancy the pain came flooding back.

In 2013 I was in the worst pain I had ever been, the Endometriosis had spread to my bladder and I was having a hard time making it from one room to another at times. This pain lasted 9 months.

The gynecologists said that the only way to relief was to get a full hysterectomy, which I was just not ready for at 34 years old.

In a moment of despair I began googling “Natural Remedies for Endometriosis” and the first thing that came up was Endovan. I had nothing to loose, I ordered it. Within the first 2 weeks I noticed that I was only uncomfortable rather than in pain. I was elated!

The chronic discomfort then turned to only a hand full of difficult days, and I am blessed to say that after a year of using Endovan I’m pain free! I thank God for this freedom and I must thank the people who created Endovan! Thank you!! I will and have told many people about this product!


After taking Endovan for 3 weeks, the bleeding totally stopped

Very happy with this product. I had been bleeding nonstop for 3 months. I was told I had a fibroid the size of an orange & would need to have it surgically removed. I wanted to try something more natural than surgery to stop the bleeding & remove the fibroid. After taking Endovan for 3 weeks, the bleeding totally stopped & I finally felt the bloating starting to go away as well. This product really works. I feel so much better.

Jessica M.

Heavy bleeding stops and iron level increases

I started taking Endovan in September of 2014. Before taking this product I would bleed pretty heavy. The bleeding has now become like a normal cycle should be. I know the product is doing something because I went to the Doctor today and he said that my iron level has increased and instead of taking the iron twice a day to take it once. I will continue take Endovan to reduce my fibroids.


Symptoms have greatly reduced since taking Endovan

I noticed a significant amount of relief after just 4 days of being on Endovan and I said to myself, this is heaven sent. I had such annoying symptoms like having the need to urinate very often especially at night, (sometimes I woke up twice before morning) thereby interrupting my sleep. I often woke up in the morning with a bloated lower abdomen and such intense pressure. I also experienced pain at the left side of my back called flank pain. All these symptoms have greatly reduced since taking Endovan for six weeks now. I found Endovan online while searching for a solution and relief from these fibroids and while on holidays in the United States. So now I’ve purchased 4 more bottles to take home (Ghana) with me. I am happy with the results so far and I promise I will send before and after, pictures of my abdomen when it finally shrinks. I will not hesitate to recommend Endovan to my friends who need it. Thank you so much Endovan! I’m glad I found you.


Better than UAE

I discovered I had fibroids on 2011. The biggest fibroid I had was about a size of a tennis ball, and it gave me the discomfort included bloating and heavy menstrual period. I decided to take an non-invasive treatment, UAE, to block the blood supply to the fibroids. While the operation was minor and quick, the pain in the following days after the treatment was pretty unbearable.

Early 2014, I discovered that my fibroids had regrown, and I was trying to find some natural treatments to treat the fibroids, and Endovan came up from my search, which had lots of good reviews and testimonies, and I bought a bottle to try. Before I took the supplement, the size of my tummy was like a 4 month pregnant woman, and I actually went to get a maternity t-shirt to fit my body at that time.

After I took Endovan for two weeks, the bloating pressure was less intense, which made me feel very good, and then I bought two more bottles of Endovan to continue with this supplement. After three to four months of taking the supplement, my tummy had shrink back to the normal size, and I was very happy. I have introduced this products to several of my friends that were looking for treatments for their fibroids. Those friends that had tried the supplement gave me their feedback that were similar to my experience. I would highly recommend Endovan.