Monthly Archives: January 2013

I am having a much easier period

I am happy that I found Endovan. I am having a much easier period – no blood clots, no pains, no ugly blood, and the fibroid I had is now gone. My visit last week to the doctor shows my cyst is shrinking and I am finally losing weight thanks to Endovan. I would recommend it to any woman – it’s a life saver.


Seems the Endovan was working on it immediately

I have only been on Endovan for a week and few days. I used to have irritable bowel syndrome – it went away in pregnancy (I miscarried) – but returned when I became stressed. I tried everything to get rid of it until I finally went to a gastrointestinal doctor who ordered scans and found either a fibroid or endometriosis. I need another scan to determine for sure, but I found Endovan by accident and ordered it. I took it the first day and noticed severe pain in my left lower stomach. I ran to check my xrays which I had a copy of and saw that it is exactly where the mass was. Seems the Endovan was working on it immediately. Over the next few days I noticed less brown spotting and less back pain. I got my monthly and felt little pain but still some in lower back area and digestion issues, though they are improving slowly. I will send an update after taking Endovan for a month and report back. Thanks Endovan Team.


Our Endovan Story

Endovan has given me my life back and my children. Thank you so much for creating a natural product without hormones. With the help of Endovan we were able to have two children in less than the amount of time it took to get pregnant with our 1st child.

– Maggie R.