This product works wonders for me!

I began using Endovan about 2 years ago after being diagnosed with fibroid tumors. I was having problems from the fibroid(s) pressing on my bladder causing frequent urination and, at times, problems urinating… as well as bowel problems. As a health conscious woman, who practices a natural, vegan lifestyle I was shocked! Yet, fibroids and hysterectomies are a common occurence among females in my family.

Although, my symptoms were not as severe as many cases (no pain or heavy bleeding) and I had normal menstrual cycles, doctors suggested a full hysterectomy. I refused, believing that taking a holistic approach would be better. My first internet search after being diagnosed led me to Endovan. This product works wonders for me! I actually felt better and the pressure on my bladder was alleviated after only a week on the product. Symptoms continued to gradually subside and I am now FREE from fibroids! Now I am working on getting my “six pack” abs back 😉

Thanks so much for this incredible product… IT ROCKS! I highly recommend it!!!