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First “normal” period in two years

I had given birth to my daughter two weeks after my brother passed away and I believe that the shock of it all and not being able to grief was the cause of my fibroids. It took two years for me to finally wake up one day and say enough is enough. My periods were so bad I would wear Depends and even then I would seep through. This was a nightmare for me. I could not go anywhere for two weeks. The blood clots were so bad and the heavy bleeding got to the point where my doctor said he couldn’t believe I was walking and talking. My blood count was so low I needed a blood transfusion. Then I found Endovan and took it faithfully hoping for a miracle but not expecting one. Well I got a miracle. I have had the first “normal” period in two years. I can only tell you I am going to tell anyone who will listen that Endovan works!! You have given me my life back and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


Fibroid on my ovary is gone!

My doctor’s office left me a message today that the fibroid on my ovary is gone! It was only 3 cm, but I had been through surgery 4 years ago for 3 fibroids (1 softball and 2 golfballs). This time I took Endovan since chat rooms talked about it.


Carlene’s Story

Before taking Endovan I experienced horrible monthly menstrual cycles. I had never experienced the pain that most women do. I was a size five/six with a thirty-six waist. I was no longer asked if I was pregnant. The question had changed to when is your baby due?

My cycle was so heavy I would wear four super pads for three to four days changing them every two hours to avoid leaks. I also experienced a headache for the first three to four days of my cycle because my blood pressure would go up as high as 170 over 130. At one point, I had lost so much blood that I could not replace fast enough and I had to have a blood transfusion. My cycle would last up to ten days. I decided to measure my waist and take a picture of what my waist looked like to document my progress. From what I had read and heard from my niece, I believed Endovan would work, but I wanted to be able to prove it.

I experience a normal period requiring only two super pads at a time after using Endovan for just one month. My headaches decreased and my blood pressure was not as high as before. In addition, my cycle only lasted about seven days.

By the second month, I had a reasonable normal cycle. I only required one super pad at a time. I only had a slight headache along with elevated blood pressure the day before my cycle started. It only lasted about five days. My energy level was great. I also noticed my waist was smaller.

December 2008 marked three months of my use of Endovan. I had a completely normal cycle lasting only five days and using only one regular pad at a time. I experienced no headaches and normal blood pressure during my entire cycle. I was so amazed that I decided to take another picture to update my progress and to measure my waist. My waist measured thirty-three inches, down from thirty-six inches in just three months.