Monthly Archives: September 2020

I am in so much less pain and have less endo fatigue!

I’ve been taking Endovan for around five and a half months now, however I took a three week break at one point because I couldn’t receive my second order due to problems at border control in my country (I live in Turkey). I should mention, I also gave up white refined carbs like the Endo team recommended and I’ve noticed that this has made a big difference too. I also follow a whole-food vegan diet with no processed sugar, no processed food and no caffeine. Let me tell you about the changes in my body:

My period comes earlier and it is more watery. I used to have dark red blood at the beginning of my period but this doesn’t happen anymore. My auntie (who is a retired midwife) told me that the dark red blood at the start of a period is a sign of endometriosis although I haven’t read any scientific journals about this.

I am in so much less pain! I only have pain when I screw up with my diet. But even when I screw up, the pain is not as bad as before. At this moment in time, I haven’t had any endo pain in two weeks.

I have less endo fatigue. Back in November 2019, I remember being so tired that I could barely finish my job (working from home!) and I would just lie on the sofa in the evenings. The only time that I could do sports was in the morning. I had about one hour every morning when I didn’t feel tired. Now, I run very late in the evening. I also went swimming in the sea on the first day of my period last month!

When I started Endovan, I had endometriosis in my uterus and two ovarian cysts around 6 cm big. Now my uterus is completely normal and clear of endometriosis. However, my cysts are still there and they are around 5 cm big and the one on the left has split into two smaller ones.

My diet is so difficult but I would rather be hungry than be in pain. At this point, I’ve lost around 14 pounds in one year because of the endo pain and then the diet I follow now. I’m now 8 stone 3 and 164 cm tall.

It’s strange to think my cysts are still there because I can barely feel them these days. Two weeks ago, I ate a donut and two days later this caused some pain.

Also, if it is relevant, I should mention that I am not using any hormonal birth control. I took Yazz before going on Endovan. It helped for a few months but then I just ended up bleeding all the time, which is why I stopped using them.

I would recommend taking Endovan and giving up white refined carbs and processed food to any woman suffering with endometriosis.