Monthly Archives: October 2017

Nothing has helped me until Endovan

I have got endometriosis. I am very glad for the Endovan. I’ve been taking it less than a month. Unbelievable, but I feel better already. After the first day taking it, I was less moody, and so much happier. I guess the D3 vitamin works for me well. After 10 days taking it, I started to experience less pain. Before I had pain every single day. My first period on Endovan was manageable with less painkillers. I am able to go back to dancing again. As I wasn’t able to do sport in the last year. I had to deal with even more pain after dancing. Nothing helped me. Not even Laparoscopy, not contraception. Nothing but Endovan. It is amazing. Love it. I will continue to using it. Thank you Endovan.