Monthly Archives: June 2008

Fibroids shrunk, symptoms gone

I had three fibroid tumors measuring 3 cm. each with pleanty of symptoms to follow. After taking Endovan for 6 mo. The symptoms were gone and the ultrasound showed two fibroid tumors each measuring 1 cm. I’m a RN and run a natural health clinic and have seen many people do well with Endovan.


It stopped the bleeding, the pain and agony I was experiencing

My doctor discovered that I had 2 fibroids about 3 years ago. In June of 2007 by cycle came on around the 5th and stayed on the entire month and went into July. I experienced heavy blood clots, severe back pain and bloating. I thought I was going to need a blood transfusion I bleed so badly. I ordered Endovan on Saturday June 30 and the order was in my mail box on Monday July 3rd. I took Endovan twice daily and by July 9th the bleeding had completely stopped and I did not experience any more pain. Thank you so much for sending the Endovan as quickly as you did. It stopped the bleeding, the pain and agony I was experiencing. I have no doubt that this will shrink and dissolve my fibroids. Thank you so much for this natural product and putting it on the market.


Finally Something that Works!

I haven’t been normal like this in almost 10 years. I’ve tried other products and I even had UAE performed in 2000 but Endovan has been just a Godsend—finally something that works. I also love that there are no side effects, you really don’t know that your taking it except for the fact your periods are normal! I take that back, my acne has cleared up and I’ve lost two or three inches off my lower tummy (friends think I’ve lost weight). Endovan has changed my every day outlook on life. I’m on my third order of Endovan. My only regret is that I didn’t order Endovan sooner.