No More Bleeding

I suffered with fibroids for over 10 years, was hospitalized twice, but would not let the doctors operate. Thank God I found Endovan and started taking it from September of 2010. I used to bleed profusely month after month and had to be placed on norethisterone, and trihemic as i became anaemic. On October 8th Endovan began to work. I am so thrilled and I want to thank you for getting it to me so soon right here on the beautiful island of Barbados.

To all you women out there, Endovan really works and I feel great and i eat everything my diet has not changed at all. This product is truly wonderful. Try it and get great results like i have. My husband and i are enjoying each other more than ever, because i no longer have to sleep in sanitary napkins night after night only when my period is on.

This is great i am so thrilled and amazed at this product.

As soon as i go back to my GP i will let you know what he had to say about my ultrasound. I know he is going to be mind boggled. but God has given you knowledge to create such a product that will indeed help women. Thank you, thank you.

May God bless you and your entire staff.
Carol, Barbados