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Endovan completely got rid of my endometriosis symptoms

Echoing what so many others have said here, Endovan has literally saved my life. As a teenager, my OBGYN told me I had to have kids before age 23 if I ever wanted a chance to have my own, because my endometriosis was so bad. I refused to believe that and found Endovan on my own. Endovan completely got rid of my endometriosis symptoms and at age 30 I had my daughter <3 Thank you!! Liz

Hope for a better health

I’m using endovan since last October, and the ultrasound I made last month got much better! My husband and me, we really would like to continue this treatment. I fell some pain yet, because the endometriosis focus were very deep and strong, but I believe it’ll get better soon with Endovan.

Thank you!


Desperately looking for a natural solution

I have endometriosis and had a laparoscopy in 2017, they gave me contraceptives to control my bleeding but i didn’t like it (i was forever moody etc.) so I stopped taking them. I started to feel pain again after some time, and was desperately looking for a natural solution. I saw Endovan on someone’s YouTube channel and she gave a 1 year review about it, and I thought this might be a scam, but the more I watched other reviews I decided to give it a try. After my first bottle I could feel the difference, the pain eased and the discomfort was going away, with the second bottle I couldn’t feel the pain or discomfort – it was gone. By my 3rd bottle, my life was normal. I went for a follow up at my gynaecologist, and she said she couldn’t see any scaring and everything was good, she couldn’t believe and I showed her what I was using and she gave me the heads up to continue using it. I stopped using it for about 6 months and I started to feel a slight pain in my leg again, so I knew it was coming back, so I just ordered my bottles before it gets worse. I was so skeptical in the beginning, but after only 3-4 months of using it. i recommend this product to anyone that has similar problems.