Monthly Archives: April 2012

Ovarian cysts gone

For the last year, I had severe back pain. After a pelvic ultrasound and vaginal ultrasound, they found a cycst the size of a quarter on my left ovary and a smaller one on my right. My doctor told me I have a hystectomy or try Lupron or other options. I was screened for cancer and was scheduled to have another ultrasound 6 weeks later. I did some research and found Endovan and decided to try it. Well it was a success as I have my ultrasound and appointment yesterday. My doctor stated the left cyst was totally gone and my right one was collapsed. I still have a little bloating right now but I have only been on it two weeks. Good possibility the bloating is due to comfort eating 😉 Needless to say, I will use this as long as there are no side effects. Thank you and please keep me updated on anything regarding Endovan.

– Jean R.

They did not believe my endometrium looked so good

I am 35 years old, and have suffered alot with endometroisis, fibroids, tubal blockage, polyps and ovarian cysts. I have had four surgeries so far and they kept coming back. Last year a friend told me about Endovan so I started taking it and it’s really helping me. NIH did a salin sonogram on me and they did not believe my endometrium looked so good, it’s a very good product for women. Thanks!


Pain free within one week

As I got older, my periods became more painful and messy. Then the pain got worse, starting a week before my period, then two. It finally got so I was only pain free maybe a week after my period. I was going through bottles of ibuprofen when my gyn suggested laproscopic surgery. This confirmed advanced endometriosis. Although I did have good suppression with 6 months of lupron and then birth control, I did not want to stay on hormones. I had developed mild hypertension which I believe was related to the birth control. Within 3 weeks off of birth control, I began to have the usual endo pain. I went on line searching for a more natural solution when I hit on I figured “what could it hurt?”. I was pain free within one week and remain so, except for some mild cramping during my period. My periods are so much better with hardly any clots. Endovan has been an answer to a prayer, truly a miracle! By the way, I no longer have to take high blood pressure medicine since coming off birth control, thanks to Endovan.

– Dora T.

My periods are lighter and my stomach is flatter

I am forty-eight years old. Last June I had an operation to have my tubes sealed by the essure surgery. It worked good because I didn’t want anymore children nor to continue to use birth control. The down side of the operation was that I continued to bleed heavily for six months non-stop. I went back to my doctor – he said that there was nothing to do but have surgery. It’s like he didn’t have a clue. I had the essure surgery done and four months later, I get fibroids. So I googled and found Endovan. It works. My periods are lighter and my stomach is flatter and I watch what I eat. I will continue to use Endovan. It really works. Thanks a million Endovan.


Less clots, shorter periods, less pain

I have suffered with painful cycles, excessive bleeding with lots of clots and lower back pain for about 2 years. The pain would get so bad I couldn’t even stand. The only comfort I found was to curl up in a ball with a heat pad on my stomach. I was diagnosed with Endo and knew that surgery wasn’t the answer for me, having close friends who after surgery fought scar tissue interfering with conception. I wanted to be a Mother, so I started looking and praying for a natural way, believing that the Lord has a cure for everything. I found this site and felt strongly about it, we gave it a try and the results were immediate: less clots, shorter periods, less pain, once in a while I still have a slightly painful one but not as severe as I use to have. Instead of being in bed for a day or more sometimes not at all and sometimes an hour of two. I feel so blessed and am thankful for this cure!

– Missy C.