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Stacie’s Endovan Story

Update: 12/09/2009

Another new Endovan baby! Baby Renner has a new baby sister!

All of us on the Endovan team are so humbled to be a part of Stacie’s two little miracles.

Update: 11/01/2009

New photos from Stacie!

Update: 01/03/2008


After eliminating her fibroids with the help of Endovan last year, Stacie was finally able to get pregnant! We’re thrilled to report that she’s just given birth to a beautiful baby boy. Congratulations Stacie!

Update: 08/31/2007

Stacie’s Pregnant! We just received this email…

“How are you – great I hope!!!! Everything is good on our end – we are now 21 weeks pregnant with a boy!!!!! He is very healty and super active!!! Imagine, one year ago, my doctor had to sit me down to explain that I most likely could never get pregnant much less carry a pregnancy to term. I just had a detailed MRI scan and the doctor, who is one of the top 50 in his field, had to ask me “Who told you you had fibroids, because there is nothing that shows up in this scan”. After I had explained my history to him, he was shocked but understood about the findings!! I never thought I would hear any doctor say to ME, that they can’t see any fibroids…..that was shocking, but after SEVEN surgeries and my Endovan – extremely satisfying to hear!!! Again, I can’t thank you so very much for the gift that you have given my husband and I, I had a GREAT fertility doctor, but I know in my heart that without the Endovan, none of this would have ever been possible!!! Anytime I hear of someone with a problem, I immediately give them the website to order the product – as I am proof that it truly changes lives!!!! Please feel free to update my story on your website, as I have always felt that you have such a great gift to share with people, I would love to do whatever I can, for what you have given me!!! I just opened up my last bottle, so I will be placing an order soon!!! Great to hear from you and THANK YOU AGAIN for EVERYTHING!!!!”

Original Post: 06/15/2006

Amazing results in 45 days

In November 2005 Stacie A. underwent extensive surgery to have 20 fibroids removed. When her obstetric surgeon Dr. Ilene E. Hatch re-examined Stacie on March 29, 2006, they were horrified to find 40 more fibroids had regrown where the original fibroids were removed! Dr. Hatch realized another surgery was pointless since Stacie’s body was producing fibroids at such an alarming rate.

Stacie searched for a breakthrough that would offer her hope rather than face the obvious last resort of a hysterectomy at only 37 years old. Stacie found Endovan.

Stacie began taking 2 capsules of Endovan twice daily and began feeling better. Dr. Hatch re-examined Stacie 45 days later on May 10, 2006. Both Stacie and Dr. Hatch were thrilled beyond words. All of Stacie’s fibroids were nearly gone! Only 1 small fibroid remained… they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Stacie is presently fibroid free and takes 2 Endovan capsules twice daily to prevent recurrence.

Our heartfelt thanks to Stacie and Dr Hatch for sharing and documenting Stacie’s amazing story of hope and courage.

Great product

I am not going to the bathroom as much I was constantly going to the bathroom. My period was shorter and not as heavy and I was not as bloated as I usually am. I went to the doctor recently and my options were a partial hysterectomy or Lupron…really did not like these options. I am so glad I found this product. I would recommend this to anyone that has Endometriosis over the other options you are given. Can’t wait to see how next month goes. This month the nausea was not as bad either…so thankful I found Endovan.

Laura H.

Works great for Adenomyosis

Just recently read that a woman had great results for her endo with Endovan and since I suffer from Adenomyosis (endometriosis interna) I decided to give it a try. I’m happy to report that my total pain reduction is now about 80% Yay!

A.B. from Toronto Canada

The pain is gone

Since I was young I’ve always had extremely painful periods to the point that it would keep me at home couple of days per month. In my late 30s I was diagnosed with endometriosis and I was found to have a few fibroids as well. I’ve had two surgeries to remove the endometriosis. After the first surgery the pain (which was my major symptom) was back in 4-6 months. The second time not even 2 months. I was desperate – living on Advil and still having pain during the day, during intercourse, and I was always running to the bathroom as my bladder was always hurting and it was waking me up at night as well. I’ve been on Endovan for less than a month now. After day 2 most pain was gone. I got my period and I couldn’t believe I didn’t have to take a ton of Advil! Since then I’ve had a little occasional pain but it’s unreal how well I feel most of the time! Before Endovan I was feeling sick most of the time!

Scilla L.


I was skeptical on whether this product would work but I was willing to give it a try. I have been dealing with endometriosis for almost 10 years. I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. I’ve had 2 surgeries and been on lupron. I was almost getting used to being in pain everyday and not being able to function to my fullest. After just a few days of being on Endovan I have experienced no pain! I am amazed and pleased!

Kimberly S.