Monthly Archives: March 2016

My pain and bloating have gone away

After bleeding for 8 months straight, I had to search for some relief. I am a Lupus survivor and having surgery to remove fibroids is not an option for me due to my medical history. When I read about Endovan, I figured I would give it chance.

After a month of using Endovan, I can say my cycle has stopped and my first flow was watery as expected. My pain and bloating have gone away as well. Praying that at my next appoint, my fibroids will have substantially reduced. I do feel much better and am increasing my water intake to assist with flushing in my system. Expecting the results in the future to show more improvements with the continued use.

Sharon W.

My doctor thought she had the wrong chart

My doctor scheduled surgery to remove the orange size fibroids from my uterus but upon the final sonogram exam she saw no need for surgery. At first the technician looked confused then asked me name again. She left the exam room to get the doctor. Both were wondering if the chart was wrong or if I was the wrong patient. Just know that I was happy when she said the surgery is cancelled.

Tina J.

Stopped the pain!

I am a month out from having surgery to help end the female issues I’ve been having, but I didn’t think I could have made it a month with everything going on and the symptoms I was having. A friend suggested…no, insisted I try it and I’m so thankful I did.

Robin, Nashville