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Endovan has completely changed my life!!

Endovan has completely changed my life!! I honestly did not believe the reviews, as I’ve tried pretty much everything. From prescription pain medicine to acupuncture.

I have been taking Endovan for 6 months now, so i will tell you a little about my experience… There was at least a 40%-50% reduction in pain during my first cycle and the pain has continually reduced each month.

For about 4 months my cycle reduced from 28 days to about 23 days. I’m not sure why this is, but they have now returned to 28 days. I would also like to say my actual period was longer for the first 4 cycles. Now coming up to my 7th cycle while on Endovan, i have to say i feel great!! I’m no longer laid in bed for a full 3 days….. I’m not saying i don’t get any pains or cramps, but i no longer get the stabbing pain, no longer vomit and i can take pain killers and they actually work. I can now function and i have my life back.

Thank you to Endovan!!!