Monthly Archives: August 2008

Results are truly amazing

Hi, i wanted to let ladies know that i only used Endovan for about 2 months and the results are truly amazing. All the cramps, spotting, and unexpected days of bleeding heavy,even clots all have seem to stop. I have an appointment with my doctor in the end of April and i will let you know of progress. But currently i feel good, and im loving the results of being my old self again.. I know all the ladies who are experiencing fibroids know what im talking about in regards to the importance of having a normal day life again. I ruly recommend this product.


Endovan is a life saver

Endovan is a life saver for me. I started on Endovan a year ago June 16,2006- When I was told by two different Doctors I would need a hysterectomy due to very large fibroids.So I started doing research on the web and found the Endovan website. I placed my order and within 2 months I lost 5 inches off of stomach.I do feel much better since I have started on this program and where the Doctors have given me no hope I now have hope again and I thank the Lord for this product. For anyone with doubts take the product and stay on it and see the amazing results.