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I want all women to know that there is HELP out here

Has Endovan ever been on TV? If not I that it’s time to get it on there. This really need to be seen on TV and if it has been on TV, then it’s not been on there enough and NEEDS be put back on SOON.

The reason I feel so strongly is that I feel bad to think of how many other women MAY STILL NOT KNOW ABOUT ENDOVAN due do to the fact that there are still people out there that may not be as blessed as you or I, and maybe they still don’t have the internet in their homes.

I’m not being pushy but I just want all women that have need of this to know that there is HELP out here.


I am already seeing measureable changes

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks! Firstly, it was only two days later when I received your package back here in the UK, I was impressed to start off with! After taking the tablets for just two weeks I am already seeing MEASURABLE changes, Your product is amazing!

Chris, UK

The second day on Endovan the worst pain was gone!!!

At first I was so scared to try something new, but I refused to get cut up, drugged up and then get a hysterectomy!! My Doctor didnt care, he didn’t give me any answers but just “go on lupron for the third time, and try to shrink the fibroids again”. I told him I was in pain, he didn’t offer any medicine to help. I went home crying like a baby, I thought I was at a dead end until I found Endovan I’ve been taking it for two and a half weeks now starting slow at one pill two times a day and the second day on Endovan the worst pain was gone!!! Now I still feel the fibroids, BUT, my stomach is a little softer, I can lay on my back and not feel a basketball lump in my stomach, and that’s only after 2 weeks. I have so much hope I am so happy!


Within a week the bleeding had stopped!

I was bleeding heavily every day for a year, but I just thought it was connected to menopause. I became very anemic and was always tired and depressed. I wore sanitary pads constantly. I finally went to a gynecologist who told me there was a huge fibroid growing out of my uterus.

He recommended surgery to remove the fibroid, with the possibility of a hysterectomy if that did not stop the bleeding. While we were waiting for HMO approval, I researched fibroids on and saw Endovan. Within a week the bleeding had stopped! This is so amazing. I’ve now recommended Endovan to friends who’ve had similar results. Thank you SO MUCH!