Monthly Archives: June 2009

I can’t wait to see what happens when I complete the entire bottle

I’ve suffered with fibroids for about three years now. I dread going to the doctor because I was being pressured into having surgery. I purchased your product a little reluctantly,not sure if this would work for me. I’ve only been using your product for two weeks now, and the biggest change that I’ve noticed is with my menstrual cycle. Before I started using Endovan, my menstrual cycle would start immediately with painful cramps & extremely heavy bleeding that would render me almost bed-ridden for a week. I also keep a complete change of clothing at the office, because due to the heavy bleeding, I’ve had a few accidents. This month, so far I haven’t had the painful cramps & the heavy bleeding that I usually get with the onset of my menstrual cycle. With these results so far, I can’t wait to see what happens when I complete the entire bottle.


Within a week the bleeding had stopped!

I was bleeding heavily every day for a year, but I just thought it was connected to menopause. I became very anemic and was always tired and depressed. I wore sanitary pads constantly. I finally went to a gynecologist who told me there was a huge fibroid growing out of my uterus. He recommended surgery to remove the fibroid, with the possibility of a hysterectomy if that did not stop the bleeding. While we were waiting for HMO approval, I researched fibroids on and saw your ad for Endovan. Within a week the bleeding had stopped! This is so amazing. I’ve now recommended Endovan to friends who’ve had similar results. Thank you SO MUCH!