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I have noticed a tremendous change in my body

I had a fibroid surgery in 2005 and the physician told me that it will likely come back which eventually happened and I have decided I don’t want to go through surgery again until I met a friend who introduced me to Endovan. Since I started taking it I have noticed a tremendous change in my body. It is really working good for me. i am very grateful to know this product that God is using to save my life. I thank God for the people that made this product.


Months of suffering and days to a cure

Doctors should tell you about this and not say “surgery is you ONLY option”. This stuff works. I suffered for 4 months where there was only 5 days total that I didn’t bleed. Dr said surgery was the only option. I read reviews I tried the product. I doubled up on what I took and out of nowhere 5 days into it the bleeding stopped. It never came back for 27 days. Not even a hint. This stuff is a miracle. Anybody that suffers from fibroids should try this. I still can’t believe how easy it was and how I avoided such a serious surgical procedure

JoAnn H.

The Non-Hormonal Non-Surgical Solution Does Work

My story goes back to 2007 when I was first diagnosed with Endometriosis on my left ovary. I ended up having my left ovary removed in order to get rid of the growing endometriosis. After the surgery, my doctor put me on birth control pill immediately hoping that the endometriosis will not grow back on the right side. Unfortunately, it did slowly grow back on my right ovary over the three-year period even with birth-control pill, and symptoms started to bother more and more on the daily basis. Having been quoted by the doctor that surgery is the only way to remove endometriosis, I started researching online trying to seek a non-surgical solution to treat endometriosis. And that is how I found Endovan – a safe, non-hormonal, non-surgical treatment made of natural herb and vegetable extracts. I decided to give it a try as my last resort. And, it works! All symptoms went away within the first two months. Since then, I have been taking Endovan for three and half years now, and been pain-free and symptom-free as long as I keep the routine dosage, which is 3-4 pills a day. My ultra-sound reports have shown the cysts that were growing on the right ovary shrank significantly since I started taking Endovan. Endovan saved me and hopefully will save more and more women in pain. My only wish is that it will become a FDA approved prescription drug so more people will benefit from a non-surgical treatment that is safe, effective and affordable…

I have told all my friends and even some strangers about Endovan!

My husband found Endovan as a last resort for me. I was having severe pain during ovulation and during my period. My OB told me the only way to stop the pain was to either go on birth control or have a hysterectomy. My husband and had been trying to get pregnant for 8 years, so the thought of either was unthinkable to me. I needed the pain gone, it was ruining my life. I started taking Endovan and within my first cycle I didn’t cramp as bad. By the second month I had zero pain! By the 6th month I was pregnant!! Once I’m done breastfeeding I plan to go back on Endovan again!!!! I have told all my friends and even some strangers about Endovan! You have a customer for life right here!!!!!

Kelly B.

Best non-hormonal solution for endometrosis

Endovan was my last hope; and answered my prayers.

I have had endometriosis problems since 2003 and was told that I’m too young for surgery and my husband and I are still trying to have a baby, so surgery is out of the question. I have been in and out of the doctors offices trying different procedures and recommendations with no avail. Recently my doctor sent me to a specialist which only put me on pills, the pills didn’t work and only made my problems worse, not to mention prevented me from conceiving at all. Then one day I was surfing the internet and found although I was skeptical at first I thought I would give it a try….it was my last hope after all. I received it within a few days in the mail and I started Endovan.

After only a few days of taking Endovan I stopped hurting and bleeding which I had been doing for 3 agonizing weeks straight. After two weeks of taking Endovan I feel great, I have more energy and feel little to no pains.

I have told my friends and my two sisters that also have endometriosis about this product and highly recommend Endovan to all women who battle with endometriosis. I love it and am so thankful that I found this product, thank you so much Endovan for giving me my life back.

Update: 3 weeks later

I have been taking Endovan for my endometrosis that I have suffered 11 years with and have found that within only one month most of my symptoms have subsided. Thank you for saving me from surgery Endovan you’ve been a life line.

Heather H.

Happy i came across this product

i have been on Endovan for 2 weeks now. So far i see a big difference – my bleeding is much less and i only have a very little clotting, i haven’t had any pain, and no bloating since i started taking Endovan. Will come back and review again in a couple months.

Henrietta S.

A work in progress

I have been taking Endovan since November 2013. I was diagnosed with two fibroids, which were getting bigger. Since starting Endovan I am not experiencing the discomfort that I had during PMS, nor am I clotting.

It looks like the fibroids are shrinking. I am scheduling an appointment with the doctor to confirm.

Thank you!

Willow M.


This product is a God send for my fibroids. It’s not a cure but it does everything they said. I stopped taking it for a couple months and had to go back again. I can feel the difference in matter of weeks – less pain, no big clots, no bladder pressure etc … I thank God for it because I cannot do the surgery . I recommend to my friend all the time

It’s working!

I’ve been bleeding every single day for the past 3 years. There wasn’t one day that I wouldn’t stop bleeding. I did not want any surgery. Finally I came across this product, that I started taking 5 days ago and I stop bleeding completely on the 4th day. My energy level is slightly improving. So far so good.