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Been using 3 weeks and its working!

I wish I would have tried this sooner… My gynecologist told me about this.. have horribly painful heavy periods and nothing has worked for the pain… Using Endovan for 3 weeks and the pain has been decreased by 70 percent. I will continue to use in the hopes it help even more!

Fast Relief

After about 5 days of using the product, I have less back pain and a beginning of stomach shrinkage…is my mind playing a trick on me or is Endovan a miracle? I love it!!


Can’t live without Endovan!

This product has changed my whole quality of my life. I’ve lived with endometriosis since I was 15 years old – 35 years of many surgeries that just made it worse. Instead of being in terrible pain all month, I now have 3 painful days a month. You have to take it everyday and give it a couple of months to work. It’s worth the money to have a better quality of live.


Fibroid shrunk in half

I have been using Endovan for a couple of years. I started using it because my Fibroids were causing me to have my cycle every two weeks. I had one large fibroid in my uterus, and the doctor told me at my last physical that it had shrunk in half. My cycles are regular and normal to light with little or no cramping. This product is the best on the market. Thank you.

ALL the pain is gone, gone, gone

Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of Endovan until after a much needed hysterectomy and a unilateral salpingo-oorphorectomy due to severe Endometriosis, chocolate cysts, and blood from period somehow backing up and spilling into my pelvic cavity. Doctor said I had a mess. He had already told me there was no cure for Endometriosis and because it’s estrogen dependent, the only way to make sure it would not pain me was to get rid of the ovaries. After the surgery the doctor told me he decided to leave me one ovary and fallopian tube so that I wouldn’t go into immediate menopause, and hoped none of it would return because if it did it meant the removal of that one ovary. Wrong! Cyst still formed and the pain came back. I said to myself,”no more surgeries”. So I began to search the internet for natural remedies and came across Endovan. What a life saver. Just sorry I didn’t find out about it before my surgery. I’ve been taking it for over 6 months and so far so good. No more pain. As for the cyst, I’m not sure if it went away. I haven’t got it checked yet. I just know ALL the pain is gone, gone, gone.

L. R.